Complete details of Indian sponsorship of terrorism in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi and the military spokesperson Major-General Babar Iftikhar gave an unprecedented press conference and provided hard evidence of Indian state-sponsored terrorist activities that it launches from India itself and countries in the region, with the intention to destabilize Pakistan. These include funding, material, training, and direction to several internationally recognized terrorist groups with the aim to kill Pakistani citizens and servicemen.

The State of Pakistan, and over 200 million Pakistanis demand maximum sanctions on India until the fascist regime ends its reign of terror and violence leading to regional instability.

Pakistan has given irrefutable evidence that the Indian BJP-RSS Hindu extremist and supremacist government is thus trying to destabilize Pakistan and terrorize our civilians. The world must now force India to verifiably stop its terrorism. India conducts state-sponsored terrorism in Pakistan by measures that include (but are not limited to): –

  1. India is systematically and deliberately targeting civilian population in Azad Kashmir and firing their artillery from deep inside their own civilian areas, so they will not be targeted by Pakistan.
  2. India has allowed terrorists organizations to use its soil for terrorism against Pakistan, not only its own soil but the region as well. Pakistan has irrefutable evidence for this in the form of a detailed and comprehensive dossier of evidence which will be shared with the international diplomatic community. This dossier, the FM stressed, is incomplete and Pakistan has more evidence which will be shared at the appropriate time.
  3. India’s intelligence services are sponsoring banned terrorist outfits that are Pakistan-centric such as TTP, JuA and BLA/BRAS. These organizations were flushed out of Pakistan due to successful military operations but now they are resurgent due to Indian sponsorship and funding through its embassies in Afghanistan and Iran, $138 Million in total of which $117 Million was given to Balochi terrorist groups, $18 Million was given to the TTP (offshoot of Al-Qaeda), $3.2 Million was given to the Altaf Hussain Group, $126,000 was given to destabilize and conduct terrorist attacks in Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir.
  4. India also supplies these groups with IEDs, weapons and ammunition after which they are stressed to conduct terrorist attacks in Pakistan, especially to target religious scholars (to create sectarian tensions), notables and police officials.
  5. In August of 2020, Indian intelligence was instrumental in the unification of the TTP, JuA and HuA.
  6. Now, Indian intelligence is trying to build a terrorist consortium comprising of the TTP, BLA, BLF and BRA.
  7. Pakistan has intelligence that India is planning an upscale in terrorist attacks in Pakistan in the next two months (November, December, January).
  8. Pakistan also has intelligence that there have been at least 4 meetings between Indian intelligence officials and their terrorist collaborators to focus on terrorist attacks on large Pakistani cities such as Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, and others.
  9. We have irrefutable evidence that R&AW (Research and Analysis Wing – India’s external intelligence organization) and DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency – India’s military intelligence unit) are financing and training terrorist activity against Pakistan. These organizations also harbor these terrorists and are taking practical steps to promote terrorism in Pakistan.
  10. We feel India’s objectives with this terrorist proxy campaign is as follows: to completely stop or attempt to stop Pakistan’s successful ongoing transition to a prosperous, peaceful and stable country, to stop Pakistan getting economic stability at any cost by creating unpredictable security situation in the country and to create political instability in Pakistan.
  11. This dossier reveals a deepening nexus between the Indian state and Pakistan-centric terrorist outfits. It also reveals that the Indian state is trying to sabotage the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), the flagship of the international BRI.
  12. Pakistani intelligence has discovered that there is a dedicated CPEC cell that works directly under the supervision of the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, headed by the R&AW chief and a special secretary and comprises of three joint secretaries from inside Indian intelligence. The express and sole aim of this cell is to undermine, delay and disrupt CPEC using terrorism and this cell has so far provided over $500 Million to this aim. A terrorist militia of around 700 terrorists have been raised under this cell to target CPEC projects.
  13. The Foreign Minister also said that he wants to make it abundantly clear that Pakistan is aware and ready. Our soldiers are ready for the protection of these projects. Pakistan has raised and deployed two military divisions for the protection of all CPEC-affiliated projects and personnel.
  14. India is fanning flames of terrorism in Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan as well. We have actionable intelligence on this. India is trying to derail the upcoming elections and democratic processes in Gilgit-Baltistan. We have actionable intelligence that India used sub nationalists for terrorism to subvert the elections in Gilgit-Baltistan. We also have intelligence on Indian plans for GB after the elections.
  15. India has broken Article 2(4) of the UN Charter, Article 41(3) of the Vienna Conventions and UNSCR 1373, and is thus liable for the strictest of international sanctions.
  16. “Let me be clear; India is a State Sponsor of Terrorism.” – FM Qureshi

The DG ISPR then began revealing details of the dossier of Indian sponsorship and funding of terrorism (cash, weapons, ammunition etc.)

  1. India succeeded in joining BLA, BLF, BRA into BRAS in Aug 2018 and TTP, JuA and HuA into TTP in Aug 2020 and plans to merge these two entities in November 2020.
  2. An Indian intelligence officer, Colonel Rajesh, who is employed in the Indian embassy in Afghanistan is one of India’s main terrorist master planner. Pakistan has obtained copy of letter from Afghan intelligence that names Colonel Rajesh as contact in Indian embassy to facilitate terrorist attacks via TTP’s terrorist commanders, specifically in Pakistan’s metropolitan cities, in this case Quetta, Peshawar and Karachi in Nov-Dec 2020, for which he has had 4 separate meetings with TTP terrorist commanders.
  3. India intelligence is trying its level best to establish a new branch of the Islamic State (ISIS/Daesh), called Daesh-e-Pakistan. In this regard, recently 30 Indian Daesh terrorists have been relocated from inside India to various safe-havens/terrorist camps on the Afghan side of the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. These 30 Indian terrorists have been handed over by Indian intelligence to ISIS commander Sheikh Abdul Rahim, alias Abdul Rehman Muslim Dost. Two Indian intelligence operatives are involved.
  4. There is a complete nexus between Indian intelligence agencies and terrorists which is used to fund and conduct terrorist and destabilizing actives in Pakistan.
  5. Indian embassies and consulates in Afghanistan and Iran have become hubs of terrorist sponsorship and financing. We have verifiable evidence for this. Indian diplomats in these countries have been regularly supervising terrorist activities. The Indian ambassador in Afghanistan And Indian consul-general in Jalalabad had detailed discussions with terrorist collaborators to move cash from the embassy for terrorist activities in Baluchistan province, Pakistan. This embassy funded the TTP as well.
  6. R&AW is providing funds to front men (name withheld) in 3rd countries (name withheld), to be sent to these groups. Two transactions were made of $28,000 from India’s Punjab National Bank (Indira Gandhi International Airport Branch, New Delhi) to promote terrorism in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, Pakistan. Another transaction of $55,851 was made by Indian national and R&AW employee Mr. Manmeet Yadev through an Indian bank in New Delhi. These funds were received by Afghanistan International Bank (AIB) branch in Nangahar as 4.2 million Afghani.
  7. Indian embassy in Afghanistan held several meetings with terrorist commanders and in one of these meetings provided them with financial assistance of $820,000, from the budget of the Indian embassy.
  8. India has raised a specialist terrorist militia of 700 terrorists to target CPEC construction projects in Baluchistan. This militia is headed by a committee of 24 members which include 10 R&AW (Indian intelligence) operatives. R&AW has so far provided $60 million to this militia. Weapons, ammunition, and explosives are provided by Indian through helicopters.
  9. India provides funds to terrorists under the garb of humanitarian assistance, as evident in the case where Indian embassy paid $5 million to a known terrorist collaborator in Baluchistan. Four such transactions were made, for a total sum of $23.35 million.
  10. Confessional statements of captured terrorists, Sarfraz Merchant and Tariq Mir revealed that terrorist organization “Altaf Hussain Group” was financed by R&AW through two Indian companies (Jasmine Valley General Trading and Paras Jewelry) evidence is available of one instance in which these companies paid $3.23 Million to the Altaf Hussain Group.
  11. In weapons and equipment support including IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) by India to terrorists, recently a R&AW-sponsored network of 6 terrorists was busted. This network was linked to the attack on the Pakistan Stock Exchange in June 2020. In this bust, two Indian R&AW operatives were exposed, namely Abdul Wahid from the Indian Embassy in Kabul and Abdul Qadir from the Indian Consulate-General in Kandahar (Afghanistan), along with 4 terrorists who are Afghan nationals. Using them, R&AW was sending suicide jackets and IEDs to Pakistan. This group was paid by R&AW for different terrorist activities: suicide explosions (worth $63,000), Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Device attacks (VBIEDs) (worth $63,000), IED attacks (worth $6,300) and assassinations (worth $6,300). These were used in target killings of religious scholars, notables and police officials in Karachi, Pakistan.
  12. Pakistani security forces have intercepted huge caches of suicide jackets, IEDs, explosives, weapons, and ammunition.
  13. TTP terrorist commanders went to Afghanistan to meet Indian diplomats and R&AW handlers in Afghanistan (Nangahar) to receive weapons and ammunition and then return to Pakistan. This includes, in one instance, 120 AK-47s, 17 Machine Guns (MG), 20 US-made pistols, 30 RPG rockets, 700 boxes of AK-47 ammunition and 300 boxes of MG ammunition.
  14. A R&AW agent visited border areas of North and South Waziristan and was involved in motivating and insisting militant tribesmen, TTP fighters and Maliks in North Waziristan to join their organizations and conduct terrorism in Pakistan. He succeeded and fighters were sent to an undisclosed place for training and weapons and IEDs were handed over by R&AW agent to the militants’ leaders.
  15. India has also been handing over weapons to the Altaf Hussain Group to create instability and conduct terrorist activities in Karachi, amounting to $62,838. This includes, in 1 instance, 50 AK-47s, 50,000 rounds of ammunition, 10 RPG rockets, 7 sniper rifles, 60 grenades, 5 mortars as well as explosives and detonators as well as ammunition. This is further validated by confessional statement of Ajmal Bahari (captured terrorist).
  16. Indian intelligence has, over the years, built a robust and comprehensive terrorist training regime. India has multipurpose terrorist training base camps in India which are used for training, harboring, and launching terrorists into Pakistan.
  17. Indian intelligence agencies operate at least 87 terrorist training camps, 21 in India (Main hub in Rajasthan and other camps in Shivpuri, Chakrota, Patparganj, Rapur, Bhora, Bikaner, Lunkaransar, Anupgarh, Mahajan, Jaisalmer, Barmer and Takenpur) and 66 in Afghanistan (main hubs in Kandahar, Kunar, Nangahar, Paktika and Khost).
  18. A former Indian ambassador and a serving Indian general visited an Indian terrorist training camp in Haji Gak, Afghanistan. The training camp housed 150 terrorists.
  19. The Indian military paid $30 million to establish an over two-hectare terrorist training camp in Sarhadi Leva area of Kandahar province, Afghanistan. The base is monitored by R&AW. 4 helicopters have been employed for logistical support to terrorists, bringing weapons and ammunition from Kulah. This operation is handled by R&AW and [information withheld] (possibly) (personal note: NDS-Afghani intelligence).
  20. Ajmal Bahari (captured terrorist) confessed in front of the Chief Justice of Pakistan that India has established four terrorist training camps, exclusively for the Altaf Hussain terrorist group, in Dehradun and Haryana and two in North & North East India. Here the training duration varies from 15 days to 4 months. It was confirmed that 40 terrorists received training here and they traveled to New Delhi from a third country.
  21. Some terrorist incidents were investigated and R&AW’s direct involvement in them was confirmed. One of these was when BLA and BLF conducted terrorist attack at the Pear-Continental hotel in Gwadar in May 2019 in which 5 people were killed. This attack was organised by R&AW officer Anurag Singh. $500,000 was allocated by R&AW for this task. One of the attackers, Hammal Nawaz used an Afghani phone number and was in contact with an Indian phone number as the attack was going on. The attack was masterminded by Dr. Allah Nazar alias Haji Nabi and Aslam Achoo alias Abdul Hamid. Both these individuals travelled to India on fake Afghani passports. Provided is a picture of Aslam Achoo admitted in an Indian hospital. Pictures of their double-entry visa, stamped in India, is also provided. Dr. Allah Nazar is the main conduit between R&AW and terrorists in Baluchistan. 17 audio clips of his conversations with R&AW handlers, discussing future terrorist operations have been obtained.
  22. An audio clip of terrorist commander Dr. Allah Nazar receiving instructions from an Indian intelligence officer.
  23. An investigation into the attack on the agricultural university in Peshawar in October 2017 led to the mastermind of the APS Attack (over 140 people killed, nearly all schoolchildren). The APS School attack was also orchestrated by Indian Intelligence. R&AW had hired 3 Afghani facilitators for this task. The mastermind was Malik Feridun and his R&AW handler was Amarjit Singh. Malik Feridun after the APS attack went for a meeting in the Indian consulate in Jalalabad to celebrate. He also visited India for medical treatment in 2017. There he remained admitted in Premis hospital. His name in the patient list, his picture with his R&AW handler and with a hospital attendant are available. The perpetrators of the Peshawar Agricultural University were in contact with their R&AW handlers in Afghanistan and were live streaming the attack as it was going on. These videos were later uploaded from Afghan IP addresses.
  24. There were meetings of the Altaf Hussain terrorist Group with R&AW chief Mr. Ajit Chutervedi and Mr. Vikram Sood. These meetings were validated by Sarfraz merchant as well as Muhammad Anwar (captured terrorists) in their confessional statements.
  25. Recently, Pakistani security services have busted a R&AW sleeper cell in Karachi. 13 terrorists were apprehended and produced before Pakistan’s anti-terrorism courts, while the main operator of this sleeper cell, Mehmood Siddiqui is a declared absconder of this terrorism case and is presently residing in India.
  26. On 11 May 2020, Peshawar police was the target of an IED attack. The attack was masterminded by two R&AW frontmen, namely Noor Muhammad and Zabi Ullah. Both were found operating from the Indian consulate in Jalalabad.
  27. In June 2020, three R&AW front men Haji Habibullah, Haji Aziz Ullah and Haji Bedar who were employed by the Indian consulate in Jalalabad, tasked 6 JuA terrorists to identify 6 different high value personalities for target killing. This network also has linkages to the Mardan Judicial Complex suicide attack in 2016. Further investigations are in progress.
  28. On the 14th of August (Pakistan Independence Day) this year, Pakistani counterintelligence averted a massive terrorist attack planned by India. An officer of Indian intelligence, Major Fermin Dass (his codename), operating from Kabul was planning the attack. He arranged transportation of 500 mines, 220 rockets, grenades, 98 kgs of explosives to terrorists. This shipment was caught and intercepted by Pakistani intelligence. This network had already carried out 7 terrorist attacks in Mastung, Hub, Quetta, and Sohrab at R&AW’s behest.
  29. RA&W is also involved in planting IEDs in Azad Jammu and Kashmir to target civilians and soldiers. Since January 2016, 60 IEDs had been planted out of which 38 exploded resulting in the casualties of 13 civilians and 6 military personnel. The remaining 22 IEDs were successfully found and neutralized
  30. Since January 2019, R&AW officers having codenames Colonel Pandit (Papa) and Colonel Maaz (Mike) using Indian numbers delivered 9 IEDs and a walkie talkie to terrorists in Azad Jammu and Kashmir over the Line of Control. The forensics of these captured IEDs confirms use of Indian made components such as TVS from Tamil Nadu and PFS from Maharashtra, the explosive is available at Indimart, the walkie talkie is manufactured by Space Telecom, New Delhi.
  31. A video tutorial for how to detonate the IED was also delivered by the operative from Indian intelligence.
  32. There are nine voice notes that also confirm involvement of Indian intelligence. In 1 such voice notes, an Indian intelligence officer explains the method for planting an IED.
  33. In 1 instance, a R&AW officer of the Indian Army namely Brigadier Maleej (codename MG) is assigning an assassination mission of a High Value Target (HVT) in Lahore, to the terrorists. $11,300 was transferred via a third country by Brigadier Maleej to a terrorist to conduct a target killing. Brigadier Maleej used UAE and Malaysian numbers.
  34. India has for a long tried to build terrorist networks in Gilgit-Baltistan with the aim to create unrest there. In context of provisional provincial status for Gilgit-Baltistan, on 28 September 2020 a meeting was held in the Indian Home Ministry. R&AW and IB (Intelligence Bureau – Indian intelligence) high officials told they were ready and contemplating activities to subvert this constitutional change in GB. In this meeting, it was proposed that after November 2020, terrorist sleeper cells will be activated to undertake subversive actions in Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan. R&AW intends to undertake terrorist attacks on large public gatherings and/or the assassination of a political leader in Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan and/or a religious scholar.
  35. While Pakistan remains firmly committed to the FATF forum and is working diligently to complete the technical obligations of FATF, Pakistan has tangible evidence that Indian foreign missions in FATF member countries employ extensive lobbying of their host countries prior to FATF meetings to achieve economic coercion of Pakistan. Evidence is attached.

The evidence presented by Pakistan provide concrete proof of Indian financial and material sponsorship of multiple terrorist organizations, including UN-designated terrorist organizations JuA, BLA and TTP. Pakistan is presenting this dossier to the UN, OIC, P5 countries (US, UK, Russia, China, France) and others. We expect the international community to play its role for peace and stability in the region by compelling India to immediately halt its state sponsorship of terrorism in Pakistan. The international community can no longer turn a blind eye to this rogue, extremist behavior. India is a state sponsor of terrorism and is consistently exhibiting rogue behavior. India must be compelled to stop. Pakistan knows how to defend herself. India’s efforts to ferment terrorism inside Pakistan will not be allowed to succeed, by any means necessary. If the International community does not act or does not take this seriously, we reserve the right to defend ourselves using any weapon in our arsenals, in any possible way.

This author believes that this unprecedented press conference is actually a signal by the Pakistani state that this sort of violent terrorist interference inside Pakistan by India, costing Pakistan its lives, economy and future, will not be allowed to go on as it has for many years. The Imran Khan administration is spearheading this move jointly with the security establishment. I propose a comprehensive preemptive strike mechanism to hit these terrorists using any and all means necessary before they attack on Pakistani soil. We must be aware that terrorist affiliated infrastructure becomes legitimate military targets wherever they may be, even in a foreign country. We are aware also, of the exact coordinates of anti-Pakistan terrorist infrastructure in Afghanistan and other neighboring countries. We must strike them and completely eradicate the problem at its root.

We must also signal deterrence against these sorts of attacks by conducting tit-for-tat attacks of similar nature and scale, on the other side.

Only a strong-handed approach will solve the terrorist issue once and for all. Secondly, on the tactical side the border fencing of the Iran and Afghanistan borders is of the UTMOST importance. This effort should be given all available resources and after it is completed, there should be vigilant, exhaustive, and armed overwatch of the fence.




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