Note: This article discusses the impacts of dragging military into politics as well as damages to its contributions & sacrifices for the country.

The Pakistan Armed Forces and especially the Pakistan Army has always laid down incalculable sacrifices for the defense of the state in over 70 years of our history. The people of Pakistan have a special bond with the officers and soldiers in the army, and hold a strong connection to them, come what may. The bond between the people and the military is also an essential part of our national security, and serves as both a grey-zone advantage to military campaigns as well as acting as a strategic ‘reserve’ force in case of conflict and war, aiding the military defense forces in the domains of logistics, reconnaissance, intelligence, food items and other areas.

The recent attempts by the many enemies of the state, both internal and external, to use prevailing political tensions to drag the military and its reputation through the muddled waters of Pakistani politics are bound to fail. The people of this great country have always and will always remain loyal and indebted to the Pakistani Armed Forces and its leadership in protecting the Pak Sarzameen. Be it war, famine, floods, drought, plague or internal divisions, the glorious Pakistani Army, rightful protectors of the realm, have always gone above and beyond in their duty to their nation, and this is acknowledged by a grateful nation.

As our national story and evolution continues, we thank Allah for having the guiding hand of the Pakistan Army over us, the people, as we find our democratic goals and wishes. It is reassuring to know that whatever happens, the Pakistani Army and its leadership will never let us make the wrong decisions, in their eternal wisdom of the state.

The nation will never forget the huge sacrifices made by soldiers and officers in the battlefield for the love of their motherland. Always in fewer budgets and with limited technology, Pakistan Army has produced great results against all the challenges and whole world has admitted the professionalism and expertise of the Pakistan Army. The Army has also played a constructive role in remote areas of the country like Gilgit-Baltistan, FATA, Chitral and Balochistan through the construction of roads, education facilities, water supply schemes, medical facilities through CMHs and medical camps.

Pakistan Army’s role in rescue and relief work was remarkable in 2005 earthquake. The Pakistan Army paid immediate attention to disaster relief and to restore basic services. It will always be remembered as one of the best-executed rescue and relief operations. Similarly, the Pakistan Army always came up to the expectations during the floods and other calamites. No one can forget the recent efforts of Pakistan Army in Covid-19 pandemic. Soldiers on the roads and streets made sure that people were following standard operating procedures, including social distancing and masking.

The Pakistan Army also played a massive role in providing health facilities to citizens. Throughout the year, Army doctors organized camps for civilians and provided free treatment in many areas. Today, more than forty state-of-the-art Army hospitals are functional throughout the country with the best possible facilities available to military personnel and civilians. The Army has been playing a key role within the Pakistani society ever since independence. There is no doubt that the Pakistani Army is very well respected and popular within Pakistani society.

This however is not what our enemies want. Our enemies want to divide the people and the army, and to lessen the extreme love and devotion that all segments of Pakistani society feel for the Pakistan Army, the number one institution of the country. But they will inevitably fail in their futile attempts. As we have seen in the past few months, the love for the Pakistan Army and especially its leadership has skyrocketed to new heights. Everywhere in the country, people are singing praises for the Army Chief General Bajwa, and saluting his wisdom, leadership and foresight. The people are grateful for the fact that the military’s graceful hand is firmly guiding our foreign and defense policy as well, keeping it on the right track in the face of the divisionary forces of domestic politics.

The people of this grateful nation love the Pakistan Army and its leadership, evident from the extremely positive outpouring of emotions over last few months.

Long Live the Pakistan Army.

They are the ones who keep terrorists away, guard our polling stations during elections and kick out criminals out of our society. People of Pakistan have lot of faith and love for own Army.




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