Yesterday Pakistan Army inducted first batch of Al-Khalid-1 MBT. Sources suggest that 44 tanks have been delivered. Total 110 AK-1 will be produced.

AK-1 is upgraded variant/version of Al-Khalid MBT. AK-1 is 3rd Generation MBT & can take on any MBT currently in service with Indian Military.

Modifications incorporated in AK-1

  1. Upgraded Fire Control System (FCS).
  2. 3rd Generation Infrared Sensor by SAGEM.
  3. Increased Ammunition Storage from 39 rounds to 49 rounds.
  4. Enlarged carousel of Auto Loading System, allowing new Generation of Kinetic and shape charge anti-tank rounds.
  5. Increased rate of firing: 9 rounds per minute.
  6. Target identification range has been increased up to 7 km.
  7. Range of engagement has been increased up to 3.5 km.
  8. Digitally controlled FPGA based solid-state auto-loader with bidirectional tray movement and ammo availability info on screen, info on empty and full trays and types of available rounds.
  9. Digital driver panel has been provided.
  10. Newer more advanced laser detection system has been installed.
  11. Desert camouflage & IR resistant paint is used which will make AK-1 less visible in enemy’s IR sight.

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  1. I have seen lots of hinges on ak1 body which means it will have era on body which previously only covered turret but it will also placed on hull on this modification.


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