All kids deserve education.

All kids deserve to be safe.

All kids deserve a future.

Madu and his family were forced to shelter in a village in Mainok, like hundreds of thousands of kids in Nigeria violence has stopped their studies in Nigeria, thousands of children are still deprived of their childhoods due to conflicts they did not choose to be a part of.

We will never forget brutality of Boko Haram. But we must also remember at least 1000s of innocent people have been killed in Maiduguri wars in southern, Borno. Children are still growing up in bloodshed, and fear in Nigeria. The strong message of hope & a returning sense of normalcy. It reflects the great efforts of Nigerian Army and local community to ensure children’s protection & a sense of well-being.

Bukar said I was torture by Boko Haram, he said that he was hit by cables on his back, He said, I also recount that they tied me to a tree & sprayed petrol on me, that’s what I remember from torture pf Boko Haram. Many people who refuse to fight, they were killed by Boko Haram. They said if you refused to fight for God, we will kill you like others. “I was forced to fight. I had to do it or die. I didn’t have any other option. It was out of my control. To survive, I did the fighting. It’s the worst thing that can happen to any human”. Bukar, a Jilli survivor of Bokoharam captivity, and was forcibly recruited at the age of 14.

Author: Adamu Abubakar

About Author: Adamu Abubakar is Lance Corporal of Nigerian Army’s Special Operation Force.

Note: The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Pakistan Strategic Forum.



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