Note: This article discusses the cyberattack on the Indian Defence Company Solar Industries India Limited.

On 31st January, reports emerged of an alleged cyber-attack on one of the largest Indian defense equipment manufacturers “Solar Industries India Limited”. The Solar group is India’s first domestic supplier of HMX & HMX compounded products (in private sector) to the Indian Army. It also holds the largest cartridge manufacturing facility at a single location.  In short, Solar is India’s leading manufacturer of commercial explosives & blasting systems and ammunition. It contributes to the production of primary products in service with the Indian Military such as composite propellants of Pinaka MLRS (Multiple launch Rocket System), Akash SAM (Surface to Air Missile system), Brahmos (Supersonic Cruise Missile), other rockets & warheads for missiles, filling of ammunition & fuses and high energy material.

Last week a group of unknown hackers hacked sensitive military information of almost all the products manufactured in the company including the blueprints and designs of under-development defense equipment. The hacker has posted a detailed list of data and information extracted from the company on its TOR leak site and had invited buyers to bid on the data within 24 hours using TOX. According to the hacker, he has more than 2TB (Terabytes) of data about sensitive Indian Military Equipment.

The hacker claims he also has.

  • Sensitive information about the company’s employees and customers.
  • Blueprints and engineering documents of weapons.
  • Technical, power, and other related documentation on the company products.
  • Internal product testing documentation.
  • Documents on future products and developments.
  • Government cooperation documents.
  • Warhead composition details as well as engineering documentation on the callout elements of different products.
  • Recordings from production cameras and offices.
  • Armament supply chain information for various sources.
  • Company partnership information.
  • Internal audits and reports of vulnerabilities bugs in the company’s products.

The hacker has also posted stolen documents and photos taken from the company’s security cameras as proof of the breach. Another allegation that the hacker is making is that they also possess evidence of industrial spying in other countries (including friendly states) by India.

The hacked Data of Indian Defense Company
The hacked Data of Indian Defense Company

Hacker claims that he has full description of engineering specifications drawings and audits of the following Indian Military Equipment:

  • Rocket Pinaka MK-1 ADM-1
  • Propellant Pinaka MK-1 Enhanced
  • Propellant Pinaka MK-2 Guided
  • Propellant Akash Booster
  • Propellant RTRS
  • Propellant Astra MK-2
  • Propellant PSOM-XL
  • Propellant SkyRoot
  • Propellant Star Booster
  • Propellant HEMRL(PJ-10)
  • Propellant BramhMos
  • Propellant A1-P(P1 & P2)
  • Warhead: Konkur, Invar, ATGM MK-2, MPBX Blocks
  • Mines: Vibhav, Vishal, Adrashy
  • Bomb: PGB 450, GP 250

Considering the data that hacker claims he have got it would be very difficult for Indian Military to absorb this pill. As all the important military equipment details of a nuclear armed country is hacked with that ease.




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