Note: This article gives a true picture of events regarding counter insurgency cross border air strike by Myanmar Air Force on India.

On the morning of 10th Jan 2022, reports on social media started surfacing regarding a cross-border airstrike inside Indian territory conducted by the Myanmar Air force. As more information and videos of the strike became public, the whole story became clear. Myanmar had conducted a coordinated counter-insurgency airstrike operation near and within Indian territory. Reports from locals suggest that Myanmar bombed the Chin National Army (CNA) rebel group in camp Victoria which sits on the border between India and Myanmar. The Myanmar Air Force further dropped 2 bombs inside Indian territory as well as targeting rebel forces taking shelter under Indian territorial cover. Overall, the strike consisted of 3 bomber fighters and 2 helicopters, whereas according to rebel sources, they lost 7 fighters and suffered 20 injured.

This is no isolated incident as over the last few years Myanmar has conducted several operations both near and within Indian territory against several different antigovernment rebel groups. Each time Indian authorities/military swept the incident under the rug to maintain diplomatic relations while continuing to turn a blind eye against the open presence and smuggling of rebels within Indian territory. Historically, the Indian-Myanmar border always has been open and easy for insurgents to cross seeking shelter within India. These crossings also facilitate the smuggling of illicit goods such as weapons and drugs. The Myanmar leadership being aware of this has grown increasingly frustrated and behind closed doors repeatedly demanded the suspension of aid to insurgents by India, otherwise more strikes might follow.

As of now, the Indian military has stated that an investigation is ongoing which suggests the usual plan of sweeping the incident under the rug. Already some Indian websites have started reporting the bombing incident inside Indian territory being false. It is clear that the Indian state will downplay the situation and continue to harbor/support insurgent elements. According to the Myanmar government media, India is attempting to expand its influence within Myanmar by supporting rebel factions just as it did with Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka.

This shows a growing trend of anti-Indian sentiment within all nations bordering India, against Pakistan India continues to support internationally recognized terrorist groups such as TTP/BLA, against China Indian soldiers repeatedly clash with Chinese border guards in places like LOC and Arunachal and now against Myanmar India hosts rebel groups. Such actions do not go unnoticed and influence the future of South Asian / East Asian power dynamics.

As for the aftermath of the bombing incident, a rebel commander reported that after the air raid dozens of rebel members fled deeper into India, while Indian doctors from Mizoram crossed over into Myanmar to help treat the injured who could not be moved. On the next day, protests were organized against the earlier aerial strikes causing a shutdown across Chin state in Myanmar.




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