On September 28,2020 fighting intensified between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh territory which is under Armenian occupation since last 30 years.

Conflict areas: To liberate its territories from illegal occupation of Armenia, Azerbaijan army launched an offensive along it is whole border Nagorno-Karabakh Line of Contact (LOC). Major conflict areas are.

Tartar: Tartar a district of Azerbaijan which most areas are under Artsakh occupation. Azerbaijan army attacked it on first day of war. In this district Azerbaijan army liberated Talis village an important strategic site.

Madaghis: After liberation of Talis village Azerbaijan military surrounded Madaghis after recapturing more hills east to the village.

According to recent news the Azerbaijan president Ilham Aliyev Madaghis village is recovered from enemy. It is the first more populated village being liberated.

Aghdra: Azerbaijan army has reportedly blocked two roads to the center Agdara which will stop any reinforcement to the village which is completely blocked now.

Fizuli and Jabrail: on the second day of war Azerbaijan pursued the large-scale offensive against Fizuli and Jabrail, two districts which are under Armenian occupation. Azerbaijan MOD has announced that their troops managed to break through the frontline and liberated strategic positions including Mehdli, Chaxirli and Guyjag of Jabrail and Ashagi of Fizuli district. The enemy 4th battalion received irreparable loses and retreated thus allowing Azerbaijan military to move forward.

Villages Recaptured in Fizuli and Jabrail
Villages Recaptured in Fizuli and Jabrail

Axis of Agdere and Fizuli: Armenia has fortified positions along Agdere and Fizuli axis which gave tough resistance and counter offensive attacks against Azerbaijan army. According to Azerbaijan MOD Harop, Orbiter 1K and Bayraktar UAV were used extensively which softened the fortifications, destroyed enemy’s:

Orbiter UAV
Orbiter UAV

Artillery: D-30 122mm Howitzers, S1 Gvozdika SPH, BM-21 Grad MLRS.

Armor: T-72AMT tanks, BMP-1ZPT(APC), MT-LB ZPT(APC).

Air defense: 9K33Nüzgar.

Maginot line: Armenian maginot line where the mountain and plain land meets. It’s a tough terrain with highly fortified area difficult to capture. So far Azerbaijan army has little success in capturing this area.

Maginot line
Maginot line

Strategic targeted areas: Azerbaijan military is using Drones, MLRS, artillery and short-range Ballistic missiles to target strategically important targets to stop Armenian reinforcement from mainland to front lines and to isolate and block under attack territories.

Bridge destroyed at Hakari river by LORA ballistic missile
Bridge destroyed at Hakari river by LORA ballistic missile

Stepenkert-Goris highway: It is considered as jagular vein of Nagorno-Karabakh as it connects the region with Mainland Armenia. Azerbaijan extensively shelled this highway and partially destroyed the bridge over Hakari river at Berdzor by hitting it with LORA ballistic missile.

Stepenkert-Goris highway
Stepenkert-Goris highway

Lacin-Hankendi Highway: After M-11 highway cut off from Murovdag region this highway was main route for Armenian supply to frontlines. On October 2nd Azerbaijan army extensively shelled this whole highway making it unusable. This is considered as one of biggest damage to Armenian army to support its logistics.

Lacin-Hankendi Highway
Lacin-Hankendi Highway

Liberated territory: The Azerbaijani army recaptured 14 locations in Karabakh.

  • Suqovuşan
  • Qaraxanbəyli
  • Qərvənd
  • Kənd Horadiz
  • Böyük Mərcanlı
  • Nüzgar
  • Murovdağı zirvəsi
  • Talış kəndi
  • Mehdili
  • Çaxırlı
  • Aşağı Maralyan
  • Şəybən
  • Quycaq
  • Aşağı Əbdülrəhmanlı
  • Yuxarı Əbdülrəhmanlı





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