Baktar Shikan is a Pakistani version of the Chinese HJ-8 or Hongjian-8. Baktar Shikan is a second-generation tube-launched, optically tracked, wire-guided anti-tank missile. Baktar Shikan and its variants are being manufactured by NORINCO’s Factory 282 and Factory 5618 in China and in Pakistan KRL (Khan Research Laboratories) is manufacturing them under license from China for Pakistan Army and for exports to brotherly allied countries.

Baktar Shikan is an anti-tank missile weapon system which pursues the principle of optical aiming, IR tracking, remotely controlled and wire transmitted guidance signals. The system can quickly be dis-assembled into the following four sub-units, encased missile, tripod, goniometer, and control box each weighing not more than 25kg thus making the system man-portable.

Baktar Shikan Anti-Tank Guided Missile Weapon System
Baktar Shikan Anti-Tank Guided Missile Weapon System

It has been modified to be mounted on Cobra attack helicopters and can be mounted on Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs) under use by PAK ARMY. It has an effective range of around 3 to 4 KMs. it has a significant penetration power and a powerful anti-jamming capability that makes it a potent defense against armored targets especially tanks and APCs.

The Main features of Baktar Shikan are as follows

  • Day & night firing
  • Anti-ERA capability
  • Long range
  • Quick reaction time
  • High hit probability
  • Greater penetration
  • Rapid rate of fire
  • Anti-jamming capability
  • Easy operation & maintenance
  • Range 3,000/4000 m
  • Hit Probability >90 %
  • Rate of Fire 2-3 Rds per minute
  • Mean Flying Speed 220 m/s
  • Propulsion Solid

Baktar-Shikan ( بکتر شکن‎ “Armor Piercing”) was first successfully tested in Pakistan in July 1997 since then Pakistan has produced around 26000 Baktar-Shikan missiles to date. Pakistan is also exporting these missiles. The export version has proven the ability to destroy all currently recorded tank targets with a 90% hit and penetration probability within the range of 3 KMs. An optional laser aiming device is also under development by Pakistan to increase its accuracy at longer ranges. Pakistan has developed an indoor simulator for training its troops on this system, the simulator offers troops to train by simulating various target speeds, ranges, and angles. The target’s movement parameters can be adapted to the progressive skill level of the operator under training.

Role in Bosnia and Herzegovina

It is “Alleged” that Pakistan supplied early version of Baktar-Shikan to Bosnia in the early 1990s and Bosnian Muslims forces used them against Serbian tanks to great effect. The Bosnians forces were highly successful in destroying Serbian tanks in the war and Baktar Shikan basically played the same role as Stinger Missile played had in Afghanistan against the Soviets.




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