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Sino-US Trade War (Review)

It is a clear understanding at this point that within the present Geopolitical Scenario, United States of America and...
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India’s annexation of Kashmir: Implications and Pakistan’s options (Review)

This article sets the sights on a very consequential subject of the Indian annexation of Kashmir, and what course of action Pakistan can opt...

Space Weapons: A Rapidly Evolving Threat to South Asian Strategic Balance (Review)

Struggle for outer-space militarization has emerged during the cold war era when both the Soviet Union and USA were busy trying out match each...

Pakistan-US Relations Post Donald Trump: Implications of Changed US Presidency on Pakistan

Introduction Pakistan-United states relations is referred to as a dyadic relationship. The US has created bilateral relationship with Pakistan since Pakistan’s inception i.e., 14 august...

Operation Brasstacks

Type: Major Indian Combined Arms Military Exercise Target: Southern Pakistan Goal: Military Provocation leading to armed conflict Result: Pakistani Counter Deployment; Exercises halted; Standing down of Indian...