The second Tughril-class guided missile and air defense frigate of the Pakistan Navy, PNS Taimur (F-262), conducted four-day live-fire naval warfare exercises with the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN).

The four-day major naval exercises included a Tariq-class destroyer and a Tughril class guided missile & air defense frigate from the Pakistani side. The exercises focused on anti-air, anti-surface, and anti-submarine warfare. The PLAN units in attendance include the Type 054A frigate Xiangtan, the Type 056A corvette Shuozhou, a Type 039A submarine, two J-15 fighters, a Z-9 anti-submarine helicopter and an AEWACS aircraft.

The vessels will conduct joint training courses including communications, joint surface-to-surface missile strikes and naval bombardment drills against maritime targets, anti-aircraft shooting, joint replenishment, joint tactical maneuvering, joint anti-submarine warfare, air defense and anti-missile, as well as joint support on damaged vessels, according to the PLA Navy. By teaming up with Chinese warships and aircraft, the Pakistan Navy will get the chance to integrate into the PLA’s combat system. The PLA Navy’s early warning aircraft is scheduled to provide situational intelligence and targeting data to the Pakistani vessel in the missile attack drill.

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