Note: This article discusses JF-17 Thunder’s first air-air kill when it shot down Iranian drone over Panjgur, Baluchistan.

On June 21, 2017 JF-17 Thunder shot down an Iranian drone 45 km inside Pakistani airspace over Panjgur Baluchistan during Mid Night proving its abilities during night. This was the first time when JF-17 Thunder scored its Air to Air kill. Pakistan and Iran share a border of length 900 Kms and it was the first incident between both nations.

Drones being slow moving targets are easy meat for fighter jets, being unarmed for Air-Air, this drone was shot either by gun or short-range missile. The debris of Iranian drone resembles with HESA Hamaseh of Iranian Armed forces manufactured by Iran Aircraft Manufacturing Industrial Company (HESA). It uses an engine manufactured by Austrian Company Rotax and propeller of Czech-Republic company Woodcomp. It has following Specifications:

General Characteristics

  • Length: 5.05 m
    • Width: 9 m
    • Height: 1.9 m
    • Empty weight: 230 kg
    • Gross weight: 415 kg


  • Maximum speed: 194 km/h
    • Cruise speed: 165 km/h
    • Stall speed: 110 km/h
    • Combat range: 200 km
    • Endurance: up to 11 h
    • Service ceiling: 4,600 m
    • Rate of climb: 4 m/s




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