Note: This article discusses the delivery of 2nd batch of 6 J-10C a 4.5+ generation omnirole fighter jet to the Pakistan Air Force from China.

A batch of six Pakistan Air Force J-10C 4.5+ generation omnirole fighter aircraft landed at an airbase in Pakistan on 30th August, on delivery from Chengdu, in China. They are the serial numbers 22-107 to 22-112. Earlier this year, 6 J-10Cs were delivered. The total aircraft delivered now stands at 12, against the initial order of 36 units.

J-10C of Pakistan Air Force serial no. 22-111
J-10C of Pakistan Air Force serial no. 22-111

The fighters are on the cutting-edge of modern aerial combat, able to outgun any aircraft in the region, and forming the tip-of-the-spear for the PAF, while retaining essential look-first, shoot-first capability.

As per Pakistani media (92 News HD). Pakistan has extended its order of J-10C to 60 (As per other sources 64), initially Pakistan ordered 36x J-10C fighter jets from China.

Confirmation of Delivery by Pakistani Local Media



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