Artillery stands for long range gun with high caliber and ammo size to target enemies, beyond the range of regular infantry. In this article, we will tell you about different classification and types of artillery guns. In-addition we will also guide you about guns in service with Pakistan Army Artillery Corps and their future acquisitions.

There are many ways to define different classes of artillery guns i.e. Weight, Gun caliber, etc. In modern era, they are generally classified based on their mobility. There-fore there are two basic types of artillery guns.

1. Towed Artillery

A towed artillery piece has no revolving actuator or engine to move it, it only has a gun with its manual control system and wheels. In past, they were towed through lot of ways i.e. Men pulling the gun by hands, by horses, trains etc. Modern day towed artillery is coupled with a high-power military truck housing both the crew and ammo, thus offering least protection to ambush and mines. Comprising just a howitzer with crew and ammo, they can also be air lifted by light-medium weight utility platforms. These guns are used with fire support equipment which includes radars, night vision sensors and Air Defenses to counter enemy’s approach. These systems are highly immobile and vulnerable targets for enemy in close range. These guns are used in battle fields and territories where army is deployed with infantry and air defense to stop enemy’s invasion.

Guns in Service with Pakistan Army

Panther Howitzer

• Caliber: 155 mm
• Maximum Firing Range: 18-30 km & 40 Km with RAP
• Rate of Fire: 6 rounds/min
• Quantity: 72+
• Country of Origin: Turkey

M198 Howitzer

• Caliber: 155 mm
• Maximum Firing Range: 22.4 km & 30 Km with RAP
• Rate of Fire: 4 rounds/min max & 2 round/min sustained
• Quantity: 124
• Country of Origin: USA

M115 Howitzer

• Caliber: 203 mm
• Maximum Firing Range: 16.8 Km
• Rate of Fire: 3 rounds/min max & 1 round/2 min sustained
• Quantity: 28
• Country of Origin: USA

M114 Howitzer

• Caliber: 155 mm
• Maximum Firing Range: 14.6 Km
• Rate of Fire: 40 rounds/min max & 4 round/min sustained
• Quantity: 60
• Country of Origin: USA

M101 Howitzer

• Caliber: 105 mm
• Maximum Firing Range: 11.27 km
• Rate of Fire: unknown
• Quantity: 300
• Country of Origin: USA

M46 Field Gun

• Caliber: 130 mm
• Maximum Firing Range: 27.5 km & 38 Km with RAP
• Rate of Fire: 8 rounds/min max & 5 rounds/min sustained
• Quantity: 87
• Country of Origin: USSR

DA-30 Howitzer

• Caliber: 122 mm
• Maximum Firing Range: 15.4 km & 21.9 Km with RAP
• Rate of Fire: 12 rounds/min max & 6 rounds/min sustained
• Quantity: 179 (80 in service)
• Country of Origin: USSR

M-30 Howitzer

• Caliber: 122 mm
• Maximum Firing Range: 11.8 km
• Rate of Fire: 6 rounds/min
• Quantity: 400
• Country of Origin: USSR

OTO Merala M56

• Caliber: 105 mm pack howitzer
• Maximum Firing Range: 10 km
• Rate of Fire: 10 rounds/min
• Quantity: 50
• Country of Origin: Italy

Ordinance QF-25 Pounder

• Caliber: 87.6 mm
• Maximum Firing Range: 12.25 Km
• Rate of Fire: 5-8 rounds/min max
• Quantity: 80
• Country of Origin: UK

2. Self-Propelled Artillery

This class of artillery is highly mobile, offers shoot and scoot capability. These guns are mounted on mobile vehicles of different kinds with ammunition and crew within the vehicle. These guns are heavier than towed ones and are not good choice for airlifting. This category is further divided in two types of gun systems.

Tracked Self-Propelled Artillery

Tracked guns offer high protection and mobility. They are armored vehicles with High level protection against HEAT, Anti-Tank, and splinter shells. They are ideal for close range one on one battle. Being tracked, they offer mobility in worst environments i.e. mud, sand, and shallow water. These vehicles have high accuracy due to their electro-optical and terrain measuring sensors.


• Caliber: 155mm
• Maximum Firing Range: 18 Km & 30 Km with RAP
• Rate of Fire: 1 rounds/min max
• Quantity: 289
• Speed: 56 km/h
• Operational Range: 350 Km
• Country of Origin: USA


• Caliber: 203 mm
• Maximum Firing Range: 23 Km
• Rate of Fire: 2 rounds/min max
• Quantity: 60
• Speed: 57.7 km/h
• Country of Origin: USA

Wheeled Self-Propelled Artillery

These types of guns are relatively modern as compared to tracked ones. These guns are mounted on rear of a highly mobile truck. Ammunition is stored outside the protected cabin of driver and crew. The cabin is located at front protected against light and medium caliber shells through dense steel armor and bullet proof fiber glass. Some of these guns are also remotely controlled being operated without exposing the crew through cabin computers. These systems are true shoot and scoot capable, ideal for urban warfare as they offer high road speed. Some of these guns are light enough to be lifted by rotor and fixed wing light utility platforms.

Future Acquisitions

In our personal opinion, Pakistan Army should procure Archer Artillery Guns from Sweden in future for their urban Corps as it has long range with high accuracy and Rate of Fire all through remotely controlled secure cabin which is protected against bullet and fragmentations even on windows. The gun itself is protected in steel bars when not operational and offers a variety of projectiles including M982 Excalibur Guided Projectile. In-addition it also has Protector RWS Air Defense System as secondary armament.




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