Canadian MP & his Anti-Pakistan Narrative

Canadian MP & his Anti-Pakistan Narrative
Canadian MP & his Anti-Pakistan Narrative

Who is Tom Kmiec?

Tom Kmiec is a Canadian Member of Parliament for Calgary Shepard in the House of Commons.

Tom Kmiec
Tom Kmiec

He was born in Poland in 1981, then he migrated to Canada. He studied at Concordia University in Montreal. From Regent university in Virginia, USA, he got his master’s degree.

He has served in finance and foreign affairs committees and also he is the former national conservative caucus chairman of the 43rd Parliament. He is also party’s Consecutive of Canada’s National Caucus Chair.

About Tariq Fatah

Here you have Tariq Fatah’s introduction (from Wikipedia).

About Tariq Fatah
About Tariq Fatah

Tariq Fatah is speculated to be RAW’s (Indian Agency) social agent, who is on a mission to damage Pakistan’s reputation in the World through media. Tariq Fatah supports many Indian Backed Terrorist groups in Pakistan which are currently taking innocent lives of Pakistani people. He is also seen many times misinterpreting Islamic terminologies and he supports many things that are declared haram in Islam.

Tom Kmiec’s & Tariq Fatah’s Anti Pakistan agenda

Both Tom Kmiec and Tariq Fatah live in Canada and both are found on the same page when it comes to defame Pakistan. Both have many times tried to create a gap between the Pakistani people and Pakistan Military. Both these personalities have a record of supporting Indian backed terrorist groups in Pakistan.

Tom Kmiec and Tariq Fatah have many times tried to defame Pakistan military by promoting fake news and fake operations of Pakistan army against its citizens. They have attempted many times to create polarization between the Pakistani people and Armed forces.

Both have been working extensively to promote the Indian backed terror groups in Sindh province of Pakistan. They are also seen together in twitter spaces working for their Anti-Pakistan agenda by promoting fake news and damaging the international image of Pakistan Army and Pakistan.









Incident at Canadian Parliament

As Pakistan is already going through a tough political time, tensions between political parties have created gaps between the people in the country. Tom Kmiec in Canadian Parliament accused Pakistan Military of fake allegations without any proof and tried to create polarization by using one side as a tool. He said,

“Madam Speaker, defense department documents revealed that Pakistan’s chief of army staff, General Qamar Javed Bajwa, had a visit to Canada approved for a $50,000 taxpayer-covered trip in 2020 that was cancelled thanks to COVID-19. General Bajwa has been accused of toppling two governments in Pakistan. The military under his command has been involved in human rights abuses and extrajudicial killings and has links to terrorism groups. An assistant deputy minister called this visit appropriate. Does the defence minister share the same opinion that a $50,000 trip to Canada was appropriate for General Bajwa?”

After his false allegations Tariq Fatah endorsed his speech through a tweet. Following image clearly shows their Anti-Pakistan Agenda.











Canada and Pakistan have always maintained a healthy relation. Tom Kmiec and Tariq Fatah have never missed a chance to create polarization in the Pakistani people. As Pakistan is going through a tough political and economic time, the only thing in the Pakistan enemy fears is the Pakistan’s Military and Pakistani people bond. Indian backed agents and enemies of Pakistan are using one side narrative as a tool to divide Pakistani people which fulfills their agendas. Tom Kmiec has a history of working and promoting anti-Pakistan agenda and his baseless statement is nothing but a trap for Pakistani people.

Author: Ali Hassan



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