Police Martyrs Day

Police Martyrs Day
Police Martyrs Day

ہم کوئ شہادت بھولے نہیں

4th August Police Martyrs Day.

لگانے آئے تھے جو آگ آشیانے کو

وہ شعلے اپنے لہو سے بجھا دیے تم نے

تمہیں وطن کی فضائیں سلام کہتی ہیں

Today whole Pakistani Nation is honoring and paying tribute to the brave souls of Pakistan police force. Police force of Pakistan has sacrificed just as much as our civilians and our Armed forces to protect Pakistan and bring peace and prosperity. In the last decade Pakistan police force was faced the greatest threat to our nation that was terrorism, in the beginning, Pakistan police force suffered significant losses but slowly and steadily Pakistan police force has now taken over the areas liberated by Pakistan armed forces from terrorists. Many Policemen lost their lives in the fight against terrorism and today we honor each & every one of them. Policemen are the first line of defense for Pakistan against crime and it is the duty of Police to enforce law in the country and maintain order.

Pakistani Nation salutes the fallen policemen who sacrificed their lives for peace and prosperity of Pakistan, we salute each Provincial branch of Pakistan police force From KPK Police to Punjab Police, from Sindh Police to Baluchistan Police, from Federal Police to GB Police.




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