Rampage “MARS” (Multi-Purpose Air Launched Rocket System)


Rampage or MARS is Multi-Purpose Air Launched Rocket System. Rampage is long range, precision strike and low-cost munition developed by Israel Military Industries (IMI).

Rampage or MARS is very effective & long-range munition developed from surface-to-surface EXTRA (Extended Range Rocket Artillery). It is specially intended to strike key stationary targets from stand-off ranges, especially when Syria deployed S-300PM2 having engagement range of 120 km.

Rampage guidance system is very effective which uses Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), Micro Electromechanical System (MEMS), INS, and GPS/GNSS anti-navigation jamming system to ensure precision strike capability.

Rampage is 15ft long and has a weight around 570 kg & about 125 kg warhead. It can easily be integrated on F-16I, F-15I and F-35 Adir. F-35 cannot carry it in its internal bays due to its long length. (F-35I aka F-35 Adir is the Israeli specific variant of F-35)

Assisted by Rocket motor and following semi-ballistic trajectory gives rampage good speed and range of over 150Km, its long body houses enough fuel to reach mentioned range.

Relatively smaller warhead allows to get more space for enough oxidizer to give high altitude and high-speed kinetic energy affect to attain additional lethality.

That is why it is launched in “toss point/position” (lofted position) to gain maximum range and height, same method is followed in BVR air-to air engagements.

On April 13, 2019, a Syrian warehouse was struck with rampage, results were extraordinary and can be seen in satellite imagery, destroying almost a complete warehouse and three buildings.

According to IMI officials Rampage is admired by its stand-off range, speed, low cost and its compatibility with IAF platforms.




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